here it is, straight from IRC to WINCUST courtesy of verizon DSL. Instant Messaging Acronyms

"Instant Messaging is a way to chat wiht family and friends over the Internet instantly. To save time, people use fun acronyms to express common thoughts. Go to the Verizon Online DSL with MSN Premium home page, download MS Messanger, and try it for yourself!"

AAR - at any rate
aas - alive and smiling
adn - any day now
afaik - as far as i know
afk - away from keyboard
aisb - as it should be
aota - all of the above
asap - as soon as possible
atm - at the moment
b/f - boyfriend
b4 - before
b4n - bye for now
bak - back at keyboard
bay - buisness as usual
bbiaf - be back in a few
bbiam - be back in a minute
bbl - be back later
bc - because
bcnu - be seein'' you
bf - best friend
vfn - bye for now
bm&y - between me and you
bol - best of luck
BRB - be right back
BTA - but then again
BTW - by the way
CMIIW - correct me if i''m wrong
CMON - come on
CUL8R - see you later
CWYL - chat with you later
CYA - see ya
D/L - download
DEGT - don''t even go there (na aah, no you Di''nt)
DIKU - do i know you?
DQMOT - don''t quote me on this
DTS - don''t think so
EMA - email address
EOD - end of day
F2F - face to face
FBM - fine by me
FOMCL - falling off my chair laughing (MFAO)
FITB - fill in the ____
FRT - for real though
FWIW - for what it''s worth
FYI - for your information
G/F - girlfriend
G2G - got to go
G2R - got to run
GA - go ahead
GAL - get a life
GB - Goodbye
GFI - go for it
GG - gotta go or good game
GIAR - give it a rest
GL - good luck
GL/HF - Good luck, have fun
GLNG - good luck next game
GMTA - great minds think alike
GOL - giggling out loud
GTRM - going to read mail
HAGN - have a good night
HAGO - have a good one
HAND - have a nice day
HF - have fun
HHIS - head hanging in shame
HOAS - hold on a second
HRU - how are you?
IAC - in any case
IANAL - i am not a laywer
ICBW - it could be worse
IDK - i don''t know
IDTS - i don''t think so
IIRC - if i remember correctly
ILBL8 - ill be late
ILU - i love you
IMNSHO - in my not so hunble opinion
INAL - i''m not a lawyer
IOW - in other words
IRMC - i rest my case
IUSS - if you say so
IYKWIM - if you know what i mean
IYSS - if you say so
JAC - just a sec
JIK - just in case
JJA - just joking around
JMO - just my opinion
KIT - keep in touch
KOTC -kiss on the cheek
KNIM - know what i mena?
LD - later, dude
LTM - laugh to myself
LTNS - long time no see
LYLAS -love you like a sis
MorF - male or female?
MUSM - miss you so much
NBD - no bid deal
NFM - none for me
NLT - no later than
NMH - not much here
NW - no way
OIC - oh, i see
OO - over and out
OOH - out of here
OOTD - one of these days
OTB - off to bed
OTOH - on the other hand
OTTOMH - off the top of my head
OTW - off to work
PDQ - pretty darn quick
PLMK - please let me know
PMFI - pardon me for interrupting
PMFJI - pardon me for jumping in
POAHF - put on a happy face
POS -parent over shoulder
PTL - praise the lord
PXT - please explain that
PU - that stinks!
QIK - quick
RME - rolling my eyes
ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing (MFAO)
RSN - real soon now
SICNR - sorry, i could not resist
SMHID - scratching my head in disbelief
SOMY - sick of me yet
SPST - same place, same time
SS - so sorry
SSDD - same stuff, different day
SSINF - so stupid its not funny
STW - search the web
SUITM - see you in the morning
SUL - see you later
SUP - what''s up?
TAFN - that''s all for now
TAM - tomorrow a.m.
TBH - to be honest
THX - thanks
TMI - too much information
TMWFI - take my word for it
TPM - tomorrow p.m.
TPTB - the powers that be
TTFN - ta ta for now
TTTT - these things take time
TTYL - talk to you later
TTYS - talk to you soon
TYT - take your time
TYVM 0 thank you very much
UGTBK - you''ve got to be kidding
UR - your / you''re
UV - unpleasent visual
WAM - wait a minute
WAN2TLK - tant to talk
WIIFM - what''s in it for me?
WTH - what the heck?
WUF? - where are you from?
WWJD - what would jesus do?
WWYC - write when you can
WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get
YBS - you''ll be sorry
YGBKM - you gotta be kidding me

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[Message Edited]
on May 14, 2004
WU, guys? PMFJI to TPTB but IMNSHO, and believe me INAL, OOTD RSN this place will fall in. DQMOT but its the SSDD. i mean WWJD? KNIM? sometimes i LTM and think NBD but PDQ we should PTL and POAHF. ROTFL. NM. NMH. GB.


on May 14, 2004