i'm going out of my skull trying to track down this peice of software. my clie (long since outdated) needs it to ensure mp3 compatability on the hand held and the clie software cd does not.. suprisingly.. contain the software although its suppose to. i can find updates for it everywhere but can't get a download page for the software itself.. not thats in english or german, anyway. i'm reaching out to sony too.. but if anyone knows where i can download this please give a holler.

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on Mar 03, 2004
If it should be on the cd it just might be. maybe you need to look harder. the next step is to visit clie's website. the next step is to google. and google hard. the last step is to call sony customer service. however I have heard they are pretty bad.

you might just get lucky and someone knows where it is.
on Mar 03, 2004
checked the cd. theroughly. it should be included there but its not, if there is a seperate cd for it then it wasn't provided when i bought the hand held from someone else. went to clie, only have patches. googled. googled hard. i was attempting to decypher chinese characters because they were the only ones who had a straight download link. never had any luck there. my next step will be to email/call customer service, but it'll have to wait till morning.
on Mar 03, 2004
ehh. I just googled for it and it looks like it only comes on the cd. And it is a seperate cd. You could probably get one mailed to you if you ask the customer service right.
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